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IT Support Professional 

IT Support Professional 

On behalf of our client, Procom is currently seeking an IT Support Professional 

IT Support Professional Job Details:

- Analyzing business needs related to hardware, operating systems (Windows), and networking to satisfy the needs of a project which makes heavy use of audio/video technology
- Implementing the identified hardware, software, and network needs either through direct acquisition from the marketplace, or by working with IT support units within our client's organization 
- Act as a liason between our client and various IT teams
- May also be called upon to act as technical advisor if need be.

IT Support Professional Mandatory Skills:

- Three years of experience working with hardware, operating systems (various Windows versions), and networks
- Strong knowledge of Active Directory (AD) and networking concepts is a must
- Experience of using IT technology with larger scale audio/video based systems would be a definite asset
- Experience of having worked as an IT Support Professional in an environment that used remote video cameras with industrial strength camera/video management software would be an asset
- Experience with setting up and managing hardware and software for monitoring and capturing video through remote cameras will be an asset

IT Support Professional Assignment Length 

2 months 

IT Support Professional Assignment Location 

Winnipeg, MB