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Specialist Business Systems – Senior Business Analyst

Specialist Business Systems - Senior Business Analyst

On behalf of our client, Procom is looking for a Specialist Business Systems Senior BA who will work with our business partners to understand their business processes to design and implement successful IT solutions that; are intuitive, meet the business needs, reduce waste from the value stream, and align with the overall company strategic goals. 

Specialist Business Systems - Senior Business Analyst Job Details

- Analyze information to establish recommendations for improvements and ways to implement the change to provide business effectiveness and efficiency;
- Determine business requirements through research, facilitation and analysis;
- Develop an understanding of existing solutions;
- Develop and deliver presentations positioning content and objectives appropriately 
- Liaison between technical and business architecture;
- Build and manage stakeholder relationships, effective communication plan and manage conflicting priorities;
- Understand and communicates risks and assumptions;
- Captures and presents analysis finding (models, matrixes, graphs);
- Maintain an organized and up-to-date project backlog, using user stories that contain roles, needs, benefits, exceptions and acceptance criteria;    
- Contribute to estimates for the business analysis effort based on scope and complexity;
- Facilitate design sessions;
- Collaborate with and support team members to ensure effective implementation of solutions;
- Perform user research utilizing multiple methods. Work with users and project teams to identify user-centered project success metrics, and creates/maintains a company-wide user centered user research strategy;
- Participate in end user research and concept development including contextual inquiries, persona, DILOs and scenario development and ideation sessions;
- Employ interaction design and prototyping;
- Create and maintain user-tested wireframes for strategically important project features, and visual specifications for project teams;
- Design flowcharts, wireframes and prototypes for rapid, iterative user interface definition and improvement;
- Create materials needed for usability tests at various levels of fidelity, including:
    - Online wireframe testing
    - Wireframe prototype testing (for desktop & mobile devices)
- Communicate usability testing results to project teams and/or management, depending on the project needs;
- Perform High fidelity mockup-based testing (either paper-based or prototype based);
- Identify and understand the impact of change on an organization;
- Maintain a Glossary for each project (transforming into a company-wide glossary);
- Create UI text for strategically important projects;
- Create Online help/assistance strategy & text for strategically important projects;
- Contribute to the creation of Training for strategically important projects;
- Serve as the Quality Coordinator for Sustainment Releases.

Specialist Business Systems - Senior Business Analyst Mandatory Skills

- Must possess a University Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Science, Communication, Commerce/Business Administration;
- 10+ years of proven expertise in Analysis and Problem Solving;
- 10+ years of practical experience in business analysis and stakeholder management;
- 3+ years of practical experience in user experience/User centric design and quality coordination;
- Proficient in BPMN 2.0;
- Experience with Design/prototyping tools (for example - Axure, iRise, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Balsamic, SAP designer, Fireworks, Visio);
- Ability to contribute and build a team environment;
- Experience with supporting complex, integrated systems;
- Ability to learn new systems quickly and somewhat independently;
- Knowledge of Software Development Lifecycle;
- Knowledge of Testing Strategies;
- Knowledge of business analysis best practices;
- Team player, skilled at working in a highly collaborative manner;
- Proven strong communication skills - both written and oral - with technical and non-technical staff and with management;
- Comfortable in a fast-paced environment where continual change is routine;
- Ability to apply a variety of techniques to elicit and gather business and user requirements from stakeholders.  Understand business issues and opportunities;
- Analyzes and synthesizes information provided by stakeholders;
- Strong  business process design and modeling skills;
- Strong experience in Business Architecture;
- Effective in learning about business domains and how they function, and then translate that learning into an understanding of how to benefit an organization;
- Exposure and some understanding of current business and technology trends (ex. Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Application Integration, business rules based application development, etc.);
- Understand how the people, processes and technology within an organization interact in relationships and patterns to create a system as a whole;
- Familiar with different learning styles and utilizes them to facilitate the learning experience (visual; auditory; kinesthetic).

Specialist Business Systems - Senior Business Analyst Start Date


Specialist Business Systems - Senior Business Analyst Location

Calgary, AB