Contractor Payrolling
Contractor Payrolling
You don’t like unnecessary risk. We don’t either. Classification. Compliance. Engagement. Payrolling.
Contractor Management Technology
Contractor Management Technology
Having a robust contractor management solution is a key piece of a contract workforce strategy.
Direct Sourcing
Direct Sourcing
Quickly build and grow your talent pool of contract workers using our Client Connections program.

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Contractor Payrolling
Procom's contractor payrolling solution is a managed service where you can outsource the business process activities related to the management of your Direct Sourced contractors in order to achieve process optimization, minimization of risk and reduction of costs.
  • Compliance
    Comprehensive risk management and worker compliance enforcement measures consistently applied across your direct-sourced workforce.
  • Save Time
    Knowledge, best practices, and accountability that keep you informed of changing market conditions - on both a legislative and economic perspective.
  • Save Money
    Achieve hard-cost savings 8% - 15% by embracing a proven process for engaging your direct-sourced contracts.
Contractor Management Technology
Procom's Contractor Management Technology is a customizable software solution that enables you to manage your contract workforce with visibility, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. We help you streamline lengthy hiring cycles, identify key inefficiencies, and ensure that all your suppliers are held to a consistent level of accountability.
Accelerated worker and procurement sourcing
Improved Time and Expense Management
Contractor invoicing and payments
Technology that is adaptable to the needs of your environment - not the other way around.
Internal reconciliation and allocation
Document management and retention
Reporting and analytics
Direct Sourcing
Let us show you how to leverage the strength of your organization's brand to strategically build a network of on-demand contract workers that you can engage for opportunities as they arise.
A proven methodology to help you engage in direct sourcing to improve hiring manager satisfaction and reduce costs as compared to your preferred vendors.
A sophisticated technology solution that allows you to leverage the best practices of a staffing agency in your own recruitment efforts.
Recruiter and/or resource manager options that will meet the needs of your organization.

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