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HP introduces laptops with Android platform

The Android boom that has hit North America in the past few years has helped create a number of new IT jobs and help spur innovation in a sector that seems to introduce new products almost weekly.

Now, Hewlett-Packard is getting in on the Android action with its new laptop-tablet hybrid device that runs the popular platform, ComputerWorld reports.

According to the news source, HP’s SlateBook X2 comes standard with a detachable 10-inch screen that can either serve as the monitor of a laptop of a tablet all on its own. As the second version of the product, it is also the second to feature the Android software, the first being the Slate 7 tablet that has only been on the market for about a month. The new product, though, comes with a keyboard dock as well, effectively making it a workable laptop.

The company is gearing up for shipments across North America, which are expected to begin sometime in August.

The media outlet noted that HP is catering to the crowds that are showing a growing interest in hybrid devices, even though they run nearly twice as expensive as tablets alone.

“I think there are tablets out there so that’s fine,” said David Conrad, director of consumer product management at HP. Conrad added that the packaged product is certainly the better option, as it gives “customers so much more.”

Making the leap
Android OS is most commonly associated with smart phones, however HP designed to product to feature the best of both mobile devices.

“I think Android can work in the PC space. It’s a new thing in some ways,” Conrad added. “What we want to do is amplify some things you can do with it and think of it as a notebook too.”

Experts say the new machine will be ideal for checking email on the go, gaming anywhere and for general connectivity, thanks to a few adjustments the company made to complement the Android software. This, Conrad said, will give the device a Windows RT feel.

The advanced electronics in the SlateBook could prompt other companies to expand into the hybrid market, creating new jobs as they do. According to IT Business Canada, the SlateBook is the first hybrid device in the world that uses Tegra 4. This means the devices uses a high performance quad core system that can greatly extend the life of the battery.